March 24, 2014

Live Show round-up

If it so happened that you weren't able to catch up with last night's Live Eviction Show last night, you can check it out right now.

Kicking the Live Show off in stunning fashion was DJ Gino Brown and the sexy Mocchachino Ochi, who performed their hit "Body Language". After leaving audiences across Mzansi mesmerised with their superlative performance, it was time to give Kat some good news.

Following her Friday Night Games win win three nights ago, Big Brother finally gave Kat her reward. The temptress was summoned to the Diary Room, where it was revealed she would be spending the next four days being pampered in a secret room called Suite 501.

Apart from scoring time away from her fellow Housemates, Kat will be exempt from participating in any Tasks or chores. She will also be given the opportunity to spy on the other Housemates, as they go about their daily business, from a television in the Suite lounge. Unfortunately, because she was not given the time to say goodbye to anyone, many of the Housemates have started speculating about her whereabouts.

While the rest of the House thinks Kat is overseas, Loko hit the nail on the head. "I don't think she went anywhere. She's probably in a little room next door," she told Lexi. When Eviction time came, no feelings were spared. Thando, Sol, Loko and Mzamo were herded off to the Party Room to await their fate.

Thando was the first Housemate to be Evicted. During her stay in the Big Brother Mzansi House, it became evident that she and Sol didn't like each other much, so it came as no surprise that she snubbed him and didn't so much as acknowledge his presence as she took her final walk to the stage.

During her Exit Interview, Thando addressed her propensity for gossip and admitted just how much she regretted being the resident Head of Conspiracy in the House. A case of a little too late, perhaps? Head of House Mzamo, was also shown the door last night and was surprisingly calm about everything that had happened. "I kind of expected it.

I prepared myself for this moment. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it isn't," Mzamo said, in his Exit Interview with Lungsta. Big Brother kept the surprises rolling in and wrapped the Live Eviction Show with a bang. While the Housemates were trying to come to terms with Thando and Mzamo's Evictions, Big Brother introduced a new Housemate to the game - Emmett.

The Canadian cutie is a former Big Brother contestant in his country and has been commissioned to cause drama in the Big Brother Mzansi House. As soon as he walked in, bags in tow, Kat - who was watching from the Suite - couldn't contain her excitement. She quickly put in a request to have Biggie send the newbie over and salivated from her secret lair.

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