March 16, 2014

Live Show: Motionless to the beat

After a banger of a performance from none other than Hip Hop’s renegade AKA, the crowd was simply beside themselves. With the stage still sweltering under his suave and swagger no one could guess what Big Brother had in store for both the viewers and the Housemates especially.

Shall we call him the Big Brother of Tasks, twists and turns? Because not only did he have a Secret mission for the rap super star, he also wanted them to play the infamous ‘Statue’ game with the Housemates and make sure they leave the girls weak at their knee’s without a cane to lean on.

Big Brother called ‘Statue’ over the unsuspecting Housemates. There was no time to be shocked as another brief moment in what seemed like parallel universe was upon them. Over the course of the past weeks, Big Brother would, at the most unforeseen spaces and times, instruct the Housemates to stand their tails still, moving not one tiny inch. An external force, always picked straight from the trunk of the zany and earie, would enter the House with one aim only, to distract the Housemates into frightful spasm far from still.

This particular distraction would send the ladies and gents flying into an inconsolable frenzy especially with Kat being AKA’s ultimate ‘stan’ (super fan). As AKA, alongside his posse Da Les and Maggs crept in through the front doors, they paraded and raided the Housem like ninja’s in the night.

They unhooked Loko off her jug of beer and handed her some bottled water. We know that lass needed that. They then moved to Mzamo and threw Sol’s white rimmed spectacles onto his face. When this trio were done we couldn’t tell just who we were looking at.

Finally, on their way out AKA bent over to Kat quivering cheek and gave the kiss of life. Perhaps a shout out to his biggest fan? Either way, when Big Brother called time and the Hip Hop ninja’s had to creep out, Kat could not believe her life. She had just breathed the same air as her one and only AKA.

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