March 13, 2014

Lexi shows off her good side

After playing the "poo stirrer" role to perfection, the temperamental Lexi seems to have piped down a notch. And it's all thanks to Mandla!

Renowned for her temper and her propensity to go from zero to a hundred in two seconds flat, Lexi seems to have turned over a new leaf and has morphed into a completely different person. Or has she?

Instead of spending most of her days stalking controversy and walking around with her hot body hanging out of her knickers, these days, Lexi seems to find happiness in the simplicity of long conversations and steamy showers with her beau Mandla. 

Over the last three days or so, the two lovebirds have spent almost every waking moment in each other's company - we're talking rolling around in bed whispering sweet nothings, to chilling in the garden. The last time Lexi went postal was on her birthday this past weekend, when she broke a bottle following a verbal spat with Lola. Even then, it took a while for her to get wound up to the point where bottles eventually started flying.

It's all well and good that Mandla and Lexi are spending so much time together. However, could they be spending a little too much time together? After being visible as individuals and equally strong characters for most of their stay in the House, it has become all too easy for the two to fly under the radar, while their fellow Housemates relish participating in group conversations and activities.

It has become very rare to see either of the two flying solo without the other keeping a watchful eye, or being within earshot.

Could this couple run the risk of focusing too much on each other and end up losing sight of the reason they are in the House; to play the game?

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