March 09, 2014

Lexi receives her first Strike in Big Brother Mzansi

This is actaully the second time the housemates have contravened with the rules of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets. First we had Jase, Thando and Lola getting conspiratorial and strategising to get their little mitts on the grand prize of one million Rand. Mistake Housemates, do you not realise that there are cameras everywhere watching you and it doesn't paint anyone in a good light, tsk, tsk, now.

Biggie made an effort and called all the housemates into the lounge this afternoon at 16:40 and he wasn't happy. He mentioned that although he doesn't get involved in Housemate interpersonal relations, nor does he choose sides or show favour, the Housemates' safety is of paramount importance to him.

Saturday night's altercation with Thando saw a violent Lexi smashing a bottle on the ground as it shattered into pieces. Big Brother explained that the Strikes were applicable to the following infringements: Housemates who endanger or threaten the lives of others, for example discharging of the fire extinguishers, physically harming others regardless of intentions (be it playful or spiteful) or threatening to harm others.

Biggie then found Lexi in direct transgression of the three Strike Rule as he believed that the bottle she smashed put the lives of her fellow Housemates in danger as a piece of rogue broken glass could have injured someone. This was her first Strike, should she receive two more, she will be disqualified from the Big Brother Mzansi Game.

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