March 17, 2014

Lexi is unwanted

After Lexi survived Eviction last night, she has had to contend with a verbal onslaught from Kat.

After a gossip session in the bedroom between Mzamo, Thando, Iris and Kat, the latter decided she would confront Lexi for, amongst other things, abusing her kindness.

She accosted a stunned Lexi, in the garden. "I feel like you've been using me. When you were down and out and no one wanted to talk to you, I was there for you. I don’t appreciate that. I think you use people as part of your strategy. Mzamo told me you don't consider me a friend," she said.

Lexi remained calm and tried to get Kat to explain in further detail. When it was clear that answers were going to be hard to come by, Lexi asked Mzamo to explain himself.

Mzamo didn't look too interested in the conversation and eventually, Lexi and Kat decided they have no friendship to speak of, but will try to be civil towards one another. With that, Lexi disappeared into the House and sat at the kitchen table in deep thought, while Kat filled her friends Thando, Iris and Loko in on what had just happened.

It would seem the tide has turned against Lexi because her fellow Housemates are gunning for her, with the exception of her lover Mandla and MK. Last night, MK pulled Mzamo to the side and warned him to tread carefully where Lexi is concerned. "I'm concerned about you and Iris. I feel your conversations could be misconstrued as conspiring. It's obvious that you don't like Lexi, but I think it just might get to the point where you will say something and Biggie might see it as collusion."

Mzamo pacified MK and told him how Iris normally wants to take conversations about Lexi further than they should, but he always shuts her down. "It's no secret that we don't like her. However, we don't discuss strategy and just so you know, everything we talk about, we do it in the open," Mzamo said.

It will be interesting to see how the Housemates Nominate today. Last week, Lexi and Jase had the highest number of Nominations and it looks like Lexi could be in trouble again this week. However, surviving Eviction last night is an indicator that she is strong. Will this discourage her fellow Housemates from Nominating her or will they go right ahead until they get rid of her?

If Lexi is placed on the chopping block this week, wouldn't it be interesting if Mzamo were to Save her? Just a thought. We're not holding our breath! One thing is for sure, we know who Kat is gunning for during today's Nomination sessions.

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