March 26, 2014

Lexi is a hard one to date

The past night on Big Brother Mzansi, it was Date Night where Emmet had Loko as his first date of the night, then Iris for main course and Lexi for dessert, you would have seen that full body armour is required for date with Lexi.

The only good thing was that Emmett had her for dessert because he needed all the sugar he could get, Lexi was at her sour best. As if we would expect anything less from her, she wasn't about to let a total stranger into her heart.

The lad tried as much as he could to woo Lexi with his stories of diving with sharks but Lexi wasn't impressed at all and gave Emmett her best performance.
Lexi on the other hand did charm Emmett when she told him how much she hated dates and this one was no exception. She didn't have a connection with him. 

Lexi did not gel with him, and found no good reason to talk to him about anything; Big Brother Canada contestant or not. She switched up the romance a notch by telling him she would not be doing him any favours.

Lexi sat across the table from him as if this was a personal punishment courtesy of Biggie and told Emmett she was forced into the date. "Stop calling this a date, it's not a date," she said. Lexi continued with her ice pick; "We've spoken about what we need to speak about in the House, this is the same old rubbish and I'm bored. I had no choice but to be here and I want to go." Emmett jumped at the opportunity, "Let's go then."

Actually we have already heard it a million times in the Diary Session, but Lexi then told Emmett she preferred being on her own. 

In total confusion, Emmett then told her she was not alone, she was with Mandla. Of course Lexi vehemently denied this. Emmett then whipped back that he didn't care if she was with Mandla or not or if she landed up getting Evicted right then.

Lastly the wonderful evening of dates was rounded off by Emmett cutting the evening short with the closing line, "Are you eating your cake? No? Take it outside for 'Mand-lla', I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

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