March 09, 2014

Lexi falls out with the girls

The stage was set outside the bathroom door of the house last night as it all began right after the party with Thando, Lola and Kat. They hashed it out for a while and went into detail about the saga with Jase and the Jacuzzi.

Sexy Lexi was enjoying her evening, looking good and getting mad love from everyone but when she walked into the scene all hell broke loose.

Thando let her have it, saying that she is the root of all the problems in the House, she 'bewitched’ Mandla and talks behind everyone’s back.

Lexi then went into full swing, screaming and smacking every possible surface in the House aside from Thando’s face which was a very close call.

Thando basically egged Lexi on in the beginning but quickly ran outside when she could see it was getting real.

Lola then tagged in and confronted the birthday girl on her own personal issues, like the time she heard that Lexi said she relished in the fact that she had a panic attack. This set Lexi completely over the ege and caused her to smash a Shap Shap bottle on the floor.

The guys then had to come and intervene, MK quietly lead Lola upstairs and Mandla attended to Lexi.

The two different groups then broke apart to go and discuss the cataclysmic outburst in an animated fashion within the respective rooms of the House.

It reeked of high school drama 101 but at least these ladies finally cleared the air about the issues that have so readily been boiling beneath the service.

Lexi seems to of caused more than a stir on her special day but really, did we expect anything less? The night culminated in Lexi telling Biggie that she wants to leave the House, he gave her 24 hours to decide.

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