March 30, 2014

Lexi Evicted from Big Brother Mzansi

After having flew through the most Nominations without being scathed, a floored Lexi finally fell through the cracks. The salty siren and queen-of-real had played her last hand and became Housemate number eight to hang her doily and sign out.

A self-proclaimed realist, Lexi seemed to have no qualms burning as many bridges as she built. But there was one torch sparked that she had carried to this unfortunate day. 

That was her relationship with Mandla. Fondly given the moniker Mandlexi, the two had hit it off from day one. While they were to face tough times ahead with a break every now and then, the couple managed to convince many that their relationship was both complicated and ‘real’.

Many others weren’t, in fact, convinced, seeing it as one of the strongest alliances and strategies since the beginning.

When it was announced that Iris was safe, it was obvious that Mandlexi’s time had come to an earth shattering end. They held each other in a loving and longing embrace, also for old times sake.

On stage Lexi admitted to being fond of Mandla but she stuck to her old story of them being merely friends. We’d suggest they were more than that.

When asked about her rivalry with Iris she again stuck to her word; they never have and never will be best friends and that was that.

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