March 21, 2014

Lexi and Loko are back in good terms

This week's Social Awareness Week did not only give a chance to the Housemates to teach the people of Mzansi about Family planning and much more, it also granted the Housemates a chance to learn from it themselves.

After that explosive confrontation between Kat and Lexi, Biggie didn't hesitate to reveal to all the Housemates that some of them were already breaking the rules of the Game and that a conspiracy was underway.

Among the Strikes that Biggie issued out to the Housemates involved in the plotting and scheming to get rid of Lexi in particular, Poolie's lady love Loko was also included in those that received the Strikes.

Yesterday during rehearsals for their Comedy Sketch, Loko approached Lexi for a frank talk to iron out their differences. It turned out that they both felt the same way towards each other.

They agreed that while they might never be best friends, they would let bygones be bygones. We just have to wonder if Loko or Lexi were being genuine. In this game of Secrets you can never tell.

This is how some #BBMzansi reacted to Loko and Lexi's Situation:

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