March 19, 2014

Housemates talk about self help

Housemates had a discussion about life, sex and the repercussion of our choices ensued after Mzamo read today's Task. This bunch were clearly passionate about Social Awareness and family planning which were the hot topics handed out for them to hash out in their talk show.

The Housemates were to develop dynamic and relevant talk show content that would educate their audience and spark healthy debate. Like every other talk show worth its spot on the air this one needed to be chock full of features that would resonate with the emotions of the audience and keep them glued to their screens.

While we all thought MK would jump at the chance to share all his wisdom and teaching, as he so often has done in the past, it was Thando who seemed to lead the discussion. She wasn’t shy to share her expansive knowledge and worldview on everything from contraception to ARVs for pregnant parents.

Finally a challenge where Thando would add significant value to a Task, we all know how sharp the gal is.

Big Brother expects the Housemates to launch their talk show tomorrow morning fit with a strong host, expert guests from either side of the discussion and three callers who might relay their experience.

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