March 22, 2014

Kat shined in the Friday Night games

Last night the Housemates came out in good form for the Friday Night Games. Thando, in a green robe and pearls and Loko shrouded in her giant afro, were like characters out of a James Bond flick. Boy they had no clue of the work ahead of them

Biggie had an eventful bout of games in store for the bunch in tonight’s Friday Night Games and this time Immunity was the light that shone at the end of the tunnel. One lucky soul would take away Immunity and a little special something for all their effort.

Pop Stars was the first game where Housemates had to pop as many balloons as possible without using your hands and feet. The scramble was on as the Housemates dove bosom and buttock first in a balloon bursting tirade. 

Thando and Sol lagged behind the rest and were the last to pop. They were the first pair to be kicked out of the running. It seems to be written in the stars for these two.

Next up was Wrap Up, a game that would ruin some outfits and leave those delicate dresses creased. All they needed to do was hop from the starting point to the finish line, which seemed easy enough. Here’s the trick; they had to do it covered from head to toe in cling wrap.

There was a lot of slithering, hopping, hoisting and rolling with Lexi first to cross the finish line and Iris was left trapped inside her plastic skin and battled to make one sorry move; then she was out.

The guys seemed to fumble and struggle about much more than the ladies with Poolie losing out for foul play.
Mzamo and Kat came out the best and entered the final round for a face off and a test of their general knowledge in a Pop Quiz was what won Kat immunity, but only by the skin on her chin. We thought Mzamo would sail through this Game but while the lights were on, there was nobody home.

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