March 24, 2014

Kat is ready for Revenge

Big Brother knew exactly what he was doing when he sent Kat to Suite 501 and allowed her to spy on her fellow Housemates and their conversations.

Kat didn't have to wait long to find something to be angry about. As she settled into her new digs, a conversation between Lexi and Emmett was beamed into the Suite. After listening for a few minutes, an angry Kat spat "Did she just call me a b*tch? I’m the b*tch now, Lexi? After I was so nice to you! All I’m saying is keep your eye on Mandla, because when I return, sh*t will hit the fan." Yikes!

Kat is no doubt something of a 'man-eater'. Just last night, she threw herself at MK in the jacuzzi and when her friend Iris (who is MK's love interest) walked in on the action, Kat was unapologetic about her behaviour. Lexi, on the other hand, is possessive over Mandla and watches him like a hawk. We're left in no doubt that whatever it is Kat decides to do, will cause fireworks.

Tomorrow, Big Brother is sending someone else into the Suite to visit Kat. Can you imagine the drama if he would send Lexi or even Mandla in?

Lexi didn't seem too worried about Kat not being around, and spent her evening engrossed in conversation with the Canadian hottie, Emmett. Kat looked on from her Secret abode and pleaded with Biggie to send Emmett in. "He's so gorgeous! Bring him to the Suite, Biggie. I'm single, Emmett," she said, licking her lips.

The usually bubbly Iris was the only Housemate missing in action after the Live Eviction Show. The diva spent her evening crying in her bed, as she mourned Mzamo and Thando's Evictions. Former nemesis Lexi was on hand with words of comfort and a shoulder to lean on.

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