March 27, 2014

Is Kat tricking Sol?

After spending the past week or so begging and pleading for Kat's affections, Kitty Kat decided to toy with him a little further.

Instead of going to bed in pyjamas or a nightie, the gorgeous temptress simply whipped off her bra and decided to sleep in the nude. Ok, she had her knickers on, but way to make Sol of the House all hot and bothered. 

When Sol's eyes were done popping out of their sockets,he mustered up enough courage to ask Kat if she would be sleeping naked. "I do this all the time. I sleep naked. I did it yesterday too,"
Kat retorted sweetly.

Sol tried hard to concentrate on a book he was reading but book but failed dismally. After stealing a few peeks, he inched in and tried get comfortable. Kat was having none of that and swiftly placed a pillow firmly between herself and Sol. After a dangerous nip slip, Sol decided to head over to his own bed to cool off.

Earlier in the evening, Kat was in her element and seemed to be loving Biggie's playlist. Between sips of her wine, she twerked heartily, while Sol watched intently.

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