March 10, 2014

Kat and her game plans

Honestly speaking, it's no secret that currently everyone inside the Big Brother Mzansi house has his/her own game plan or strategy. 

However Kat seems to have whatever it takes to put her game plans into practice, this gorgeous lady just happens to involve coaxing the various men in the house into her charms to secure her place.

This has been witnessed twice so far, once with the young Jase who she dropped the moment radio Dj Sol became HoH.

Her relationship with the radio DJ "Sol" became quite hot and heavy for a few days but was it a coincidence that this just so happened to fall over the same time period that he had his HoH duty to Save and Replace?

Now that everything is out in the open and it is rather apparent that no amount of canoodling or twerking will get her Saved, it seems Kat is giving the bespectacled Housemate the cold shoulder.

Clearly she is feeling put out because last week she was convinced that Sol had Saved her, she even went so far as to say "keeping me in will only work to his benefit."

This morning on the couch, Sol was doing his best to get close to the confident Kat, jesting and joking whilst slowly moving closer but to no avail. She was having absolutely none of it and her body language and demeanour screamed ‘back off’.

Obviously many of Kat’s actions are strategic, however questionable they may be but the question now is; Will the relationship between her and Sol continue, or will it fizzle out till he possibly wins HoH again?

It’s not a secret that Sol has a woman outside the house and he has made that very clear to Kat who insists nothing happened between them, however the camera does not lie.

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