March 31, 2014

Kat aks Loko the big question

A grief stricken Loko couldn’t dry her eyes if she tried. Indeed, Poolie had left the building and the reality of it dawned bit by bit on the poor remaining half of Poloko. Kat stood by her through the tears, like the good friend she is.

After patting Loko on the back and offering words of encouragement, Kat broached the unspoken subject of the nature of Poolie and Loko's relationship. She first filled her mourning bestie in on the truth about her ‘trip to Canada’; revealing finally that it was more like a trip to Suite 501. Loko laughed this off and this is what gave Kat her cue to strike.

Kat told Loko that during her time in Suite 501, Biggie afforded Sol and her the privilege of watching the Housemates' every move from a TV monitor.

After informing Loko that she had seen her and Poolie getting suspiciously frisky under the covers she had to ask the big question. Something of an awkward grin flashed across Loko’s face as she denied everything, only admitting to some unbuttoning and significant teasing.

As much as Kat tried to pry it out of Loko, the girl would probably take this Secret to her grave.

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