March 07, 2014

Jase and Kat bury the hatchet

She was very close to Sol during the past week when he was Head of House, Kat has ditched the bespectacled cutie. Well, that’s how it looks from where we’re standing.

However during the last two days, it seems Kat and Sol’s relationship has cooled just a tad. Kat has been spending a lot more time with her girls Iris and Loko, while Sol has busied himself with playing board games with Thando and Mzamo.

Mean while Sol has noticed this and has said as much in a couple of Diary Sessions. Last night Kat even made moves to clear the air with Jase.

The former lovebirds attempted to hash out their differences at Kat’s insistence. “You hurt me Jase. You broke my heart. I cried for you and I won’t do it again. I think we should just put our difference aside and let’s be friends,” she told Jase, who apologised profusely for any pain he may have caused her.

But it was a coincidence that Kat extended the olive branch only a couple of hours before the all-important Head of House Task?

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