March 21, 2014

Is Poolie truly in Love with Loko?

It's a month and half now since the Housemates made their way to the Big Brother Mzansi House and we've already witnessed relationships rise and fall but Poolie and Loko's relationship is only getting more stronger.

Actually there was speculation as to whether or not their love was real, especially on Poolie's side who many thought was just using Loko as part of his Game strategy.

These two spend every moment together, they sleep in the same bed, they cook for each other, clean together and even engage in all the Tasks as a unit and it's already evident that they are currently more than friends.

At first they denied that they had feelings for each other by telling Big Brother in their Diary sessions that they were nothing more than best friends, but Who were they fooling?

Right now things are getting more and more serious as they are found of Kissing, holding hands, cuddling and giving each other massages and today in the morning Poolie gave his lady love an intimate back massage after her shower.

The only problem is that Loko has a relationship outside Biggie's house that she has been very honest about in the Diary room, I wonder how her man feel watching his woman falling in love with another guy before his eyes?

And one wonders What will happen when one of them gets evicted? Will these lovebirds continue with their love story even outside Biggie's House?

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