March 29, 2014

Is Kat making her way in between Mandlex?

With just a few days to the end of Big Brother Mzansi, housemates are trying to be on top of their game but is it really a good idea for Kat to try and come between power couple Mandla and Lexi?

Kat's plan was clear from the onset and last week Saturday after the party in her intoxicated state, she even stated to Lexi in not so many words that she is going to take her man.

This was further backed up during her luxurious stay in Suite 501 where she openly admitted that she is going to go after Mandla.

The past day Kat and Sol arrived back in the Main House after their mini vacation all seemed well in the world of Big Brother, but this morning, Kat abruptly moved into the room where Mandla and Lexi sleep.

This is an obvious play to come between the quirky couple, we all know Kat is a brazen lady but is this taking it too far?

Lexi and Mandla are obviously closer than ever, with Lexi even cleaning the House with her man this morning and barely ever spending a moment apart. So this begs the question; will this quest do Kat more harm than good?

It’s no Secret that Lexi is feisty, fierce and void of taking anyone’s nonsense. She was visibly agitated by Kat’s sordid antics last week Saturday when she twerked in the Jacuzzi in nothing but a thong and gave MK a very provocative lap dance even in the presence of her so-called friend and ally Iris.

If someone can bounce it out and grind up on her friend's man in front of her, then you know there is nothing she won’t do for that million. With Lexi though, she is more than likely to land in some hot water.

This is not an alien concept to Kat, who has become known as somewhat of a tease in the House. She has kept the company of many of the male Housemates, leading them on voluntarily and then claiming that they are just obsessed with her and won’t leave her alone. This was the case with both Sol and ex-Housemate Jase.

By moving into the Mandlexi enclave, she has put herself in the line of fire, what is her plan? Why does she insist on adding fuel to the already scorching fire?

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