March 21, 2014

Is Iris confused?

During last week's Saturday Night Party, Iris wasn't happy at the way Kat threw herself at deejay Lulo Cafe and according to a disgusted Iris, that kind of behaviur is embarrassing

"The way she threw herself at Lulo was totally uncalled for. I swear, if that had happened while she was a club with me, I would have left her. You can't show these famous people that your brain doesn't work. There's no way they'll take you seriously", she said, during a particularly animated conversation with Mzamo and Thando.

However last night Iris failed to control her excitement after recognizing a famous male vocalist performing on Black Coffee's 'Africa Rising' DVD. The lass screamed like she was being robbed and when her perplexed fellow Housemates asked what was going on, she danced like a woman possessed and yelled out his name even louder.

Do you think Iris is a bit confused and forgetful?

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