March 14, 2014

Housemates win their wager this week

 All their work came to a head, as it would, during tonight’s Task Presentation as the Housemates channeled the artists with in and put out work out some stellar craftsmanship.

The Housemates took us back to a time, somewhere during medieval area in, when art was the past time of the cultured and filthy rich. For tonight’s Presentation the Housemates took us through a tour of their art gallery of all sorts.

First up there were various renditions of Big Brother himself, in the form of a molded clay bust. The Housemates took turns illustrating the many faces of Biggie. From a long nose for being nosy to a satellite and a telescope for ears and eyes that miss nothing but nothing. That’s Biggie for you. For never failing to refer to himself in the third person, Big Brother earned a big old head from Sol of the House. How the tables had turned.

Then it was time for the Housemates to get in touch with the street artist inside in a kaleidoscopic mood board fit with each of their graffiti plates.

Housemates let their tags and paintings tell the story of their morals, values, principles and fish paste. We couldn’t help but fall in love with all the out pouring of virtue displayed by the Housemates, it made us feel that, amidst all the game playing there was hope.
For a mascot the Housemates introduced Mr Dominoes; a larger than life polka dot dominoe covered in fur. Thando and Jase were in their element as Masters of the Ceremony and explained that because the game of dominoes became a space of refuge and neutrality they had to honour it as the game within the game. Kind of like an old friend with whom the Housemates could enjoy a laugh and a moment to forget over a bottle of Shap Shap.

After their cake master pieces Biggie melted like wax. Following two losses in a row the Housemates finally wrenched a win out from Biggie’s grip. The reward poured over the House like manna from the heavens with each scoring a neat treat just as a little reminder of their favourite dishes from child hood. Well played Biggie.

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