March 10, 2014

Housemates want Lexi out of the Big Brother Mzansi House

Hate it or love it, the game must go on. With this being said Big Brother sent Nominations underway for this week. The mood around these was getting stiffer and tighter with even more of a static charge soaring dangerously in the air.

As usual, Biggie threw fire at the tensions by broadcasting each Housemate's first Nomination to the rest of House.

The Housemates had, this morning more than ever, shifted steadily into their calculating and double-handed alter egos. Like in any other battlefield and reality show, the time had come for Housemates to deploy a strategy and it seemed quite clear cut; Vote out the weakest link in the form of the one that causes the most disruption and adds little positive or uplifting value.

This was a sentiment that sailed over the Nominations Session with a major cross section of Housemates gladly and openly pulling out their daggers on sexy Lexi.

Housemates were uncannily unanimous in their decisions and reasoning, citing Lexi as something of a thorn or a destructive cyclone that always left shambles in its wake. It appeared that Lexi’s fire cracker antics had worn the Housemates down.

Many, including most of Team Milk, Mzamo and Sol shared a similar opinion of the lad pointing Jase out as either being a physical threat during Tasks or just having no influence nor personality outside that.

Mean while MK jumped on the ageist bandwagon, suggesting that Jase had some growing-up to do and should rather do the remainder of it on the outside.

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