March 21, 2014

Housemates share thoughts on who might leave this Sunday

Today’s Diary sessions were about who do you think will be going home this Sunday?’.

The diary sessions began off with Kat who was obviously ecstatic that Loko won HoH and she thinks that it will be Thando that goes home this Sunday.
Iris was next and her opinion is that Thando will leave as well. She said this because of the fact that Thando has been repeatedly mentioning to Iris that she feels it will be her that will be going home.
Mzamo had the same answer as the rest because he feels that if he was not able to save her (which he is not) that she will be the one to go home.
Thando fully agreed with everyone’s speculation, saying that she feels she will be the one going home on Sunday. She also mentioned Kat and Mzamo in her list of people that could go home if it happens that more than one person is going to leave.

Mandla said that he thinks Thando will go home because if he was a viewer then he would personally find Thando the least entertaining. You know what they say, honesty is the best policy.
Sol feels it will also be Thando but when asked what he would do if this is his last weekend in the House, he said he would ‘go out with a bang.’
Loko on the other hand was over the moon about the achievement. She was also, however, starting to feel the pressure early on with the infamous Save and Replace looming should she make it into next week. After clearing the air with Lexi she confessed to feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders.

Despite him thinking that Lexi is the most capable of Housemates, Poolie couldn’t predict who might leave this Sunday. All he knew for sure was that he was going to make it through the dreaded Eviction. Well, well Poolie, confident much?
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