March 26, 2014

Housemates must tentalize their taste

This is the week of Travel and what would Travel be without a sample of the tastes of the world? Today Big Brother will be taking the Housemates and their taste buds on a culinary trip around the world.

In teams of three chefs, Housemates are to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and make sure a meal is more scrumptious than the last.

In keeping with the theme, the cuisine ought to well reflect the unique palates of a cross section of Germany, Spain and Emmett's country of birth Canada. This should give the Canadian newbie a chance to show off the appetites Canadian cuisine to the Housemates and summon a penchant of home.

Food is everyone’s favorite and the newer the better. This Task will appeal to an interest in the cuisine and culture from abroad while challenging the capacity of each Housemate to not only be innovative with the ingredients handed out to them, but how they embody taste from lands unknown to some in a manner that will excite the taste buds of all.

We look forward to dishes and delicacies, sweet and savoury, from well over the mountains and seas as the Housemates get into their teams and let their imaginations and flavour makers run wild.

A batch of fluffy pan cakes over here and a stack of greasy bacon over there makes a Canadian breakfast fit for the good. The Housemates kick off this culinary Task with a scrumptious start to the day straight out of Emmett's home town.

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