March 06, 2014

Housemates lose wager again

Come rain or shine the Housemates pulled out all the stops and danced, twerked and swayed their lives away under testing weather conditions. After losing last week’s Wager and another 100% worth of Bucks, the Housemates were determined to crump, jive and strut their way into a win this Dance Week.

The bunch wanted it so much this week, we could taste it!

With the colorful proudly South African flag draped in the background, the Housemates showcased the melting pot of the dances our rainbow nation has to offer.

First up were Big Brother’s miners, Thando, Jase and Sol and boy did they stride and stomp to their own rugged beat. Their gumboot dance was nothing short of delightful with Jase scoring an A for effort!

Then it was the turn of popping Pantsula’s Mzamo and MK with a talented Loko leading the darting vagrants. This style of dance demands skill, agility and a sprightly lower body. This threesome displayed as much edge as they did dexterity.

The rain was never to be a barrier as Sophiatown made its way back from the 1950’s in a swanky rendition of disco jiving. Led by famme fatale Kat the Housemates paired up and danced fiercely in the rain. Heels were clicked, skirts were tossed this way and that, and sexy was brought back.

Sexy Lexi got on the platform and led Lola and Poolie in a series of Hip Hop crumps and stacks. She topped it all off with some waist jutting twerking to a gallery of applause. How short were those shorts again Lexi?

With all that flair and swagger the Housemates were confident that they had sailed into a win and flurry of booze would be unfurled but it wasn’t to be so. As impressed as Biggie was a thumbs down was all the floored Housemates got. After all that work they had lost another Wager simply because Loko foiled Thando’s Secret mission when she couldn’t keep a Secret.

The Housemates, although a flabbergasted bunch, were weary but forgiving with the attitude; ‘if winners can win together they can lose together’.

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