March 24, 2014

Housemates have a target practice

This week’s Arena Game was one that tested the Housemates' strength and accuracy.

After reading out the brief, Loko picked out her team which consisted of Emmett, Mandla and MK.

Team B was comprised of Lexi, Poolie, Sol and Iris.

Loko’s selection was definitely strategic as she ensured that Team B was made of Housemates who don't necessarily get along. She must have believed that this would work in her favour, especially since this was just after Nominations.

Each team had one catapult and five targets that they had to aim for and shoot with balls.

The aim of the game was for the balls to completely knock the targets off their stands by aiming the catapult in the perfect direction.

The first team to knock down all five of the targets would win. After many failed attempts, some hard labour and immense concentration, the unassuming Team B took the prize and celebrated with a euphoric scream and dance from Iris.Well done Team B, you proved that even if you do not particularly like one another, you can still work together for a cause bigger than yourselves.

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