March 14, 2014

HoH Task: Mzamo wins for the fourth time

Today’s Head of House Task was all about puzzles and colours, Biggies housemates were supposed to put together a polygonal puzzle, which is basically a shape with many sides.

Big Brother instructed the housemates to move outside in the garden where they found 11 identical puzzle frames and 11 identical sets of puzzle pieces.

The puzzle pieces were of different shapes, sizes and colours but when complete, it forms a perfect square inside the frame. Due to the shapes of the pieces, there were many ways to complete the puzzle, therefore the colour combination did not matter, only the end result which was that it fits in the frame.

Actually it was tense as the housemates focused all their attention on completing the puzzle first, complete silence with Mandla’s sharp whistling confirming the anxiety.

And while they all moved their pieces around in a flurry and hurried to complete the Task, this week's Head of House Mzamo proved to be the smartest in craft. Mzamo did complete the puzzle in record time and raised his hand for all to see.

Iris and Loko were particularly perturbed by the final decision and made no effort to hide it.

Well done Mzamo, there is no denying it, you have a gift!

Do you think it was a fair game this time around? Are you happy that this charismatic Housemate took the crown again? How do you think this will affect the dynamic ion the House?

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