March 31, 2014

Here's the Live Show round up

The Big Brother Mzansi House was filled with a great absence that came over the House this morning. Both of the more popular couples in the House had evanesced and their absence was felt. 

Lexi and Poolie were Evicted last night, leaving their other halves Loko and Mandla heartbroken on the other side of the Big Brother fence.

Poolie was the first Housemate to be called and while Biggie’s instructions were always clear about Eviction; an exit with immediate effect, Poolie tried his luck at love for the last time as he ran to bid Loko farewell. 

Rules were rules and as Poolie was summoned out Loko fell to the floor and wailed in utter grief. Our hearts were wrenched. On stage Poolie expressed his feelings to the world; he dug Loko without a doubt.

But that wasn’t to be the only tragic end to a love story. As Lexi, Mandla and Iris awaited their fate, it turned out Iris was safe and that’s when Mandlexi came tumbling down. 

The couple held one another in a good bye embrace. On stage Lexi told Lungsta that while Mandla was her closest friend in the House, they remained simply friends and nothing more.

Many would suggest Mandlexi to be the highest level of the ‘friend-zone’ if there ever was.

Emmett came around for a chit chat with host Lungsta. He confessed to have built a life-long friendship with MK and would have him over for Maple syrup and breakfast any day.

 An experienced ex-Housemate from Big Brother Canada he felt, while the Game this side gave the Housemates more power than the viewers, the Housemates had started to play with an end in mind: walking away with a million.

Dream Team and Thembi Seete kept the crowd enthralled hit track after hit track. They sure warmed us up for the Final Week. Don’t miss a beat.

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