March 15, 2014

Friday Night Games are back

After much anticipation, this week the Friday Night Game landed upon us like a fiery meteor from Mars. Biggie we could never have guessed that you would toss the game up into the air at this level.

It was money that called this Game and we were going to see just how greedy or not our Housemates were.

Tonight, while Lexi, Sol and Jase as the Nominated and hapless, sat this boomerang of a Friday Night Game out, Biggie got personal with the rest of the eight. When Lungile asked Mzamo about his Save and Replace his reveal toppled an unsuspecting Sol.

In the first round Housemates were asked to choose a briefcase labeled with an amount of their choice and tell us why they deserved to walk away with that sum of cash. As the Housemates were summoned one by one to the trenches, MK had worked up a cold sweat and Thando fritted around in a nervous frenzy.

Kat announced that she wasn’t leaving the game without that million, with Mandla opting for half of the one million Rand at the end of the rainbow, the lowest figure among all the Housemates. His reason was simple, he wanted to grow the money through savvy investment.

took to testing his followers around the worst sin of them all; gluttony. Would the Housemates go for the largest amounted available (as the sinner in us all would!) or would they choose the humble route?

Modesty was where Thando and Mandla were at and as a result, the twosome found themselves smack bang in the middle of the Vault; Thando’s figure was low but she was pipped to the post by Mandla’s even lower figure.

In the Vault Biggie flipped the script as the pair were subjected to what he called the Buzzer Game, and boy did he blow the fish out of the water with this twist!

As both Housemates took their place at a podium replete with big red buzzer, Biggie asked them to look up at a cash-o-meter money counter screen and slam the buzzer as a Rand amount of their choice was counted in. The first to slam would win that amount packed up tidily in a briefcase and would have to bid Big Brother, Housemates and the House farewell and exit with immediate effect. The Housemate slowest on the buzzer would look forward to a smooth sail into the finale. Wow second place, you never looked so good!

What amount would it have taken to buy them out of the game and see them whistling their way to the bank with a neat stash of the Benjamin’s?

Was that the glutton we saw in Thando as the Rands rose a notch? Unfortunately both her and Mandla’s time ran out and they both lost out on the sweetest wad of hard cash they could have ever laid their grubby little paws on.

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