March 21, 2014

Friday Night Games are back again

Big Brother's message in last week's Friday Night Games was Go hard or go home where Housemates were put on the spot and asked to put a price on going home that night, as you know, nobody left as we still sit with ten Housemates.

This week Big Brother has something more light-hearted in store, the Big Brother Showdown. There will be four games in which Housemates will compete, and it will be a battle of the genders with the girls pitched against the boys.

The prize? Immunity for a week and a super reward from Big Brother. In the event the winner of the Immunity is Evicted on Sunday night's Live Show, the fist runner up will take the immunity over from the winner.

Game number one: Pop Stars! Four out of approximately 100 balloons on the floor will have a gold star inside and at the sound of the buzzer, Housemates have to pop the balloons using only their bottoms or their bellies. The Housemates to not find a star will be eliminated from the Showdown.

The second game will be easy to grasp but not as easy to execute, (we'd expect nothing less, Biggie). Contestants will be wrapped in cling film from head to toe by the Ninjas and if nothing else, this game will make for a sterling photo opportunity.

Housemates will be laid on the floor and when the buzzer goes will have to (try) and stand up and hop to a demarcated circle on the floor, the last to reach the circle is disqualified from the game.

The semi final game will see three boys and three girls remaining for a WeChat Guns Dash game and the highest scorers will go through to the final round as Ninjas track their scores on an LCD screen

The lucky finalists will then be placed in front of a conveyor belt and Lungile will be asking ten general knowledge questions and the clues will glide past them much in the same way a sushi bar works.

Housemates will have to write what they believe the answers to be the answers and the best out of ten wins. Should there be a draw, another 10 questions will be asked. The end! We'll be keeping you posted with how the Housemates performed.

Housemates will be made to jump through hoops, ROTFL and bust some moves. Back to Biggie's super reward which will be revealed on Sunday's Live Show and this is not going to be any ordinary reward...

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