March 24, 2014

Final Nominations Summary

The Nominations of this week were absolutely very important, Big Brother Mzansi is about to end and Nominations now need to make the leap from being emotive to being purely strategic.

Sol of the House was the first up and he definitely Nominated according to strategy and put up Iris and Poolie because in his eyes they are the weakest links.
Loko put up Mandla and Lexi due to the fact that she just ‘doesn’t get’ Lexi and she feels Mandla is a strong contender.

MK also put up ‘Mandlexi’ up for Nomination and on the other hand Lexi Nominated MK and Iris. Iris nominated Lexi stating that she does not like her and then Sol because he really irritates her. There really is nothing like honesty.

Poolie nominated Sol and then Mandla because he does not believe Mandla is being real in the House and he does not know what kind of person he really is.
Mandla made sure he got his own back and put up Poolie as well as Iris because he feels she always complains and makes a big deal out of every small action.

Big Brother then called House guest Emmett into the Diary room to throw off the Housemates, but instead of a Nomination session, Biggie just asked him some simple questions about the House and the Housemates to which his answers were spot on.

And finally Kat nominated Lexi and then, quite shockingly, Poolie. Her motive was selfish as she wants her bestie Loko, all to herself.

Check out a summary of how the Housemates Nominated in their Final Nominations:

Loko - Mandla and Lexi.
MK - Lexi and Mandla
Lexi - Iris and MK
Iris - Lexi and Sol
Poolie - Mandla and Sol
Mandla - Poolie and Iris
Kat - Lexi and Poolie

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