March 14, 2014

Excitement causes a little loving

After the housemates won their first wager in what felt like forever, they sat down to enjoy their reward over a session of Dominoes. The excitement came flooding over the bunch in all shapes and sizes as each Housemate received a goody bag filled with treat and alcohol of their choice.

Their elation sprung forth like the fountain of youth and Loko could be seen singing and stomping for all that whiskey she got from Big Brother. 

They were all like kids in a candy store popping open bottle after bottle of Shap Shap all until a brawl broke out between Jase's new found muscle mania and Mandla master strategizing. The two bulls butted heads over a few missing bottle of booze.

All this brash display of manhood seemed to have peeked some interest in one Lexi as she invited Mandla to scrub her back down in the Shower. No one could blame her as the poor girl couldn’t possibly reach all the way to her back. Mandla, ever the helpful, lept to his feet and followed behind his damsel with a smile on his face.

We reckon the pair must have forgotten to close the door behind them because they attracted some eavesdropping and eyes popping from the Housemates.

The Housemates were divided in their reaction with Loko suggesting they let sleeping dogs lie and a livid Thando, gossiping up and down the corridor in disbelief. It was all clearly a prank or a really questionable strategy according to her and she was not about to associate herself with it.

Way to climb that moral high ground girl. Someone had to.

Do you think Mandlexi is a strategy? Because truth was proving to be stranger than fiction the closer we got to that one million bucks.

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