March 25, 2014

Emmett is working Magic

Despite the fact that South Africans and Canadians have their cultural differences, there are areas were we share common ground. Canada has Celine Dion and SA has Mzamo; Canada has Alice Ann Munro and we have Nadine Gordimer. Canadians barbecue and we braai but the most important thing that South Africans and Canadians have in common is our extremely friendly nature.

Since his arrival to the Big bother Mzansi House, Canadian born Emmett has managed to make friendly connections with most of his fellow Housemates. 

While having a conversation with Poolie this morning, he mentioned that MK was a “good guy” and that he was “an individual in the game”; he also spoke about the differences between the House here and the one back home.

At least Emmett has proven to be a man on a mission. Yesterday, he had the Housemates clean the House, he has Biggie at his beck and call and of course, he has started playing pranks on his Housemates. 

Today in the morning while in the presence of the Housemates, Emmett deliberately requested that Big Brother ‘bump the music’ and to the Housemates’ astonishment, Big Brother immediately played music. 

The past day Poolie, Lola and Lexi’s suspicions had them on the brink of finding out what Emmett was really up to, but at present the Housemates have no idea of the havoc that Emmett is yet to cause during his stay in the Big Brother Mzansi House. 

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