March 26, 2014

Emmett is taking over the game

The housemates finally sat down to enjoy a Canadian breakfast prepared by Emmett with Iris as his conscientious helper after a dedicated morning of labouring over a frying pan

It seems Emmett brought the housemates some Maple syrup for breakfast in addition to adding to their experience of Travel Week. When the Diary Sessions came around, a candid Emmett shone in a brutally honest, if scathing, observation of the Housemates so far.

The lad made it clear that he was brought into the Big Brother Game because of his expertise in the field. He launched into a tirade on what strategies he reckons are or aren’t working and something about his Diary Session called Sol’s to mind for a moment.
After asking the three remaining dames of the house on dates last night, the question on Biggies mind was; what information had he uncovered from that scandalous escapade? Having walked into ‘couple city’ Emmett’s plan was to disrupt the safe pairings of Mandlexi, Pooloko and, shall we call them Irikay?

Either way Emmett reckons the fans want to see more game playing and less of a lover’s bliss. According to him, that just wouldn’t cut it for entertainment. In the dates he tried to plant a seed of mistrust and pull the pairs apart.

Being the current center of attention, Emmett ruled as the topic of interest in the Diary Room. While he obviously found a friend in MK, Lexi certainly stood on the other end of that spectrum. Emmett had successfully riled this salty lass right up with all his privileges as Biggies guest. 

She walked into her Diary Session with a splinter at her side but Biggie was able to turn that frown upside down.
Aall because of Lexi, Iris also sulked into the Diary Room. She told Big Brother that Lexi was downright rude when she and Emmett had made breakfast especially for the Housemates. 

It was ironic, with Lexi’s prickly mood and everyone just about to throttle her, that Mandla could see her as his “guardian angel”. He reckons she wouldn’t play games with his heart. Was it blind or true love? We can’t keep up.

Loko skipped in with a thumbs up for Emmett differing from her hubby Poolie who struggled with a sore throat during his Diary Session and while she, like everyone else, had her suspicions about the newcomer, she enjoyed her date last night and making Poolie jealous!. In the end she confessed to missing Kat and wanting her bestie back.
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