March 28, 2014

Embarking on a taxi ride around Mzansi.

If to travel is to live, then to travel in a taxi is to live on the edge of your seat! That’s where the colourful tourists of the Big Brother Mzansi taxi sat.

With taxi driver Mandla at the helm whizzing down and hither through the vivid streets of Mzansi, tour guide MK took the fervent tourists through the various heritage sites and attractions of our bountiful land in typical and lively South African fashion.

The tourists reflected an array of animated characters from around the world. Iris as Shanaynay from Uncle Sam’s hood, was probably the rudest and cringe-worthy visitor we’ve ever had. Loko and Poolie were the most curious of Spaniards.

Lexi was clothed from head to clogs in her German maiden’s attire, and held her character as the most inquisitive of the bunch.

Their first stop was the most important of heritage sites, well according to us; the Big Brother Mzansi landmark. MK furnished the curious tourists with a tale about the most memorable and historic moments in the House and then took them on a proudly South African English lesson.

Taught by taxi-driver Mandla, the English lesson tore to a more ‘Engrish’ mishap than anything else, with Emmett from Canada pointing things out to this effect.

So impressed was Big Brother by the taxi, what with its pimped rims of a vibrant Mzansi flag, that he had to reward them with a full Wager win. Biggie, however, had more of an emotional ride in store for the Housemates as he called ‘Statue’ over their ululations.

We’d come to learn, from the ‘freezing’events of the past week, that when Biggie calls ‘Statue’ he means business and would go to all the lengths to shake the Housemates up.

This time around Emmett had to exit the House in the same way he made his dramatic entrance on Sunday. This was a tear jerker of note.

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