March 15, 2014

Do the housemates really entertain Us?

We are over halfway through Big Brother Mzansi Secrets and have had exactly 41 days to get to know the Housemates, we know the key gossipers, the gung-ho gym bunnies and the Housemates who have a penchant for going topless.

We’ve set you quizzes and asked for memes so we could get a handle on how familiar you were with the Kats and Jases, Mandlas and Mzamos of the Big Brother House.

Their day to day routines have synched with ours and because of this we’ve come to know their habits and foibles, what freaks them out and gets them going. So we've broken it down for you and here it is:

Mzamo likes gossiping with ‘King T'( Thando) and lest we not forget, Mzamo has scooped most of the HoH Tasks.

Poolie is a man of few words and many kisses, you listening Loko?

Jase is the fitness freak and hopelessly in love with Big Brother beauty Kat.

Lexi is the queen of feisty and never shies away from a confrontation.

Sol of the House likes his one-on-one time with Big Brother of the House and eagerly awaits his next opportunity to be with Kat and conspire to kick Thando out the House, no love lost there.

Mandlex, enough said!

Thando a.k.a King T is the reigning Dominoes champion. She used to be in a love triangle with Mandla and Lexi but the lady now favours MK and Iris' shapes.

MK is the voice of reason, always on hand to give his Housemates some sound advice. Oh, and please note, the man is ‘married to Iris and Thando’.

Kat is a little vixen and nothing makes her purr more than a little Jase and Sol attention.

Mandla is the ‘walking’ torso, and not a huge fan of shirts, of any description. You’ll find this man in his ‘tights’ and never too far from Lexi.

Iris the eavesdropper; a mouthy lady and a lover of footballers.

The best way to become an expert is to act as if you are an expert, you know, fake it till you make it. We thought we’d help you along.

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