March 23, 2014

DJ Naked totally killed it off

As expected the girls did stick to the deep necklines and high hems except for the groovy Loko who rocked some trendy patterned capris and a huge afro and the more conservative Thando who chose a nautical style dress.

On the other hand the boys also turned it out, especially Mandla who was courteously dressed by Mzamo in a powder blue shirt and tight white pants.

The greatest of the day was the entertainment that came in the form Dj Naked who really switched up the party levels by playing the best in old school local hip-hop and kwaito. His tunes were incredibly well received by the Housemates who jived it out in a nostalgic and enthusiastic fashion.

Assuming the club was the sky then Loko was definitely the brightest star, it's no Secret that she is an exponentially talented dancer but tonight she really outdid herself, her and Mzamo were totally on point.

Something interesting also happened when Lexi went on a covert mission upstairs with Mzamo to steal Loko and Poolie’s bottles of sidekick. They were then joined by Thando who convinced them to abort the mission.

Thereafter the party went off without a hitch and everyone was moving and shaking, smiling and laughing. It was such a breath of fresh air to see everyone getting along and not sneaking off into corners to gossip or throwing aggressive side-eye’s on the dance floor.

Sol tried his luck with Kat and this time she was allowing him to flirt with her. This girl loves to give mixed signals, one minute she’s hot, the next she is cold. Make up your mind!

The ‘likwa’ was flowing in full force after the party ended which resulted in Kat stripping into her hot pink bra and little else. ‘Mandlex’ went up to the bedroom where they shared a few laughs and frisky hints about what was to come later in the night.

The Housemate who seemed to have enjoyed the party a lot more than usual was MK who was moving and grooving all over the show in his beautiful brown boots, jeans and a blue collared shirt. He was the picture of a paradox between fun and sophistication.

Loko and Kat rounded off the evening with their habitual twerk, bump and grind in the garden session, where Poolie was waiting in the wings for any kind of attention from his lady love. At least these two are consistent.

The party really set the tone for the rest of the night, there was such a lightened shift in the dynamic and it could be due to the fact that the Housemates know that this is the last night in the House for one of them, or possibly two or more of them. What will it be, all we can do is lay in wait and see.

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