March 15, 2014

DJ Lulo Cafe in the House

Tonight it's Party Zone time and that means; booze, dancing and someone going off pop at someone else for something they did three minutes ago, three days ago or three weeks ago, because that's how our Housemates roll.

Biggie's Housemates could use a bit of a break after the past week's ups and downs. Lexi's drunken birthday rant, Mandla and Jase's drunken confrontation and Biggie's unexpected and devious Friday Night Games when he blindsided the Housemates with a 'take the money and run' kinda game and kinda not game.

With all the dramas in the wake of the week, good cop, bad cop Biggie, will be sending in DJ Lulo Cafe to burn up the decks for tonight's party.

Lulo Cafe is one of Mzansi's top DJs with a career spanning 11 years. His career began when he accepted the challenge to learn how to mix for a live set on a Bloemfontein radio station, albeit, in only two weeks. This crucial turning point not only resulted in the birth of a DJ intent on telling a story behind the decks but also produced a DJ deeply connected to his audience.

Throughout his journey, Lulo Cafe has positioned himself as an aficionado of quality, cutting edge house music. Whether its down-tempo lounge or deep soulful grooves, this dance music legend has a sound for every occasion.

Don't miss Lulo Cafe's exclusive sounds tonight as a he rips up the floor for the Housemates in the Party Zone.

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