March 08, 2014

Dine like kings after falling like soldiers

Biggie called the housemates to the Party Zone and tucked into some top notch grub and Biggie's voice boomed through the walls, a bit more "mwahahahah" than compassionate giggle.

Is it right to rub your hands together with glee when the Big Brother Mzansi Game gets this messy? Anyhow, quickly back to mischief at play. Housemates will be called to the Diary Room and told by Biggie that they have a message from home, this already sounds too good to be true.

In order to receive this message, Housemates will have to do an exchange with Big Brother, a deal with the Bigster: a dossier of Secrets to be shown to all their Housemates in exchange for seeing their WeChat message from home. 

What Secrets you ask? Gossip sessions and Diary Room talk, eish, harsh! Ensue carnage, chaos, riots, raised voices and a couple of Shap Shaps and all hell breaking loose. Now we know why Biggie asked Housemates in their Diary Sessions about their wishlist of messages from friends and family, cunning.

Once the Housemate has agreed to Big Brother's terms, the dossier sequence of Secrets will be played for the Housemate in the Diary Room and played on the video wall for the 11 voyeurs in the Party Room; cue suspense and disbelief.

After the video has been played, Biggie will give the Housemate a vault code and instructions on how to access their WeChat messages from home. The Housemates will view their messages in the Diary Room whilst tensions and raised eyebrows rise in the Party Zone.

After viewing their message the Housemate will return to the Party Zone, maybe to a frosty reception, maybe not. But with prawn cocktail, lambshank and chocolate mousse, does a little ice really matter?

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