March 07, 2014

Chilling with Kgosi

No one can ever forget the quirky, witty and intellectual Kgosi? With his mild mannered antics and an abundance of unkempt hair, he melted our hearts and broke them when he was Evicted a week ago.

Even though Kgosi is the kind of guy that likes to keep to himself, let’s see what this honest and interesting ex-Housemate has been up to since his exit from Big Brother Mzansi.

We have no qualms about stalking our people on social media and Kgosi is family. Kgosi's fan base is still as strong as ever and fans are still fighting for a piece of this quirky reality star.

Kgosi is relatively quiet in the media but he did take the time to do an interview with a local online publication where he spoke about everything from the drama with Kat, Jase and Sol, to his feelings for the beautiful Loko.

On Kat and Jase, he said; “more than anything I just feel sorry for Jase. It’s really messed up when people’s actual emotions actually get toyed with because as much as this is a game what if Jase now treats his future girlfriends as though they’re manipulative and cold-hearted because of what he’s experienced in the Big Brother Mzansi House.”
On his feelings for Loko “I don’t know what happened between her and I, I don’t know what her motivations were, I don’t know if she was in love with me or Poolie, I just don’t know! But I’m quite happy that I’m not in the line of fire anymore.”

Kgosi also goes into a bit more detail about his future film work, “All I can say is that it’s going to be about three or four stories combined into one and it’s going to be set in the year 2027. 

For the most part it’s also going to be about South Africa in the future where we are the new world leaders. It might take me a short or long time to write this film but in a nutshell that is my script for the film.”

Kgosi also seems to be frequenting the company of other local celebs like rapper Ross Jack as he very recently changed his profile picture to one of the two of them. Big up Kgosi! Keeping it G!

Well, at least we now have a taste for what the future holds for this enigmatic guy, but we really didn’t expect anything less.

Kgosi's presence is definitely missed. Mzansi, if you can't get enough of Kgosi then you can follow him on Twitter @Kgosi113. We can't let him have 59 followers now, can we?

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