March 11, 2014

Check out yesterday's paint wars

Biggie certainly brought some colour to this seemingly grey Monday with today’s Immunity challenge where Loko and Mandla came off victorious.

The individual challenge was one that required a large amount of upper body strength as well as speed. Each Housemate was to lay down in a pool of paint till they were sufficiently lubricated, they then lay down on the mat at the start line and wait for the signal.

At the sound of the alarm they viciously grabbed onto the rope and began to pull themselves across the arena to another pool of paint with a flag lying next to it.

They had to pick up the flag and then drag themselves back to the end from which they started. Those with the fastest times won, Loko and Mandla (who was actually Nominated) took this prize wholeheartedly.

This comes as a huge vicory for Loko, who has tried and tried to win both immunity and HoH many times and failed, you finally got it girl! We see you!
It was a close one with both Jase and Sol giving Mandla a run for his Money as well as Lexi and Iris doing the same for Loko.
This was quite a sting for both Lexi and Jase who both really wanted to win.

The prelude to this challenge was just as entertaining, with Housemates being split up into teams by HoH Mzamo and the prize was taken by team A which was comprised of Lexi, Mandla, Thando, Poolie and Mzamo.

It was quite a team-building experience with sworn enemies being forced to work together, Lexi and Thando did it on team A and Jase and Kat did it for team B.

The Housemates were made to stand in a line on top of two planks, one on the left side and one on the right side. The idea was to form a human centipede and try to walk to the one side of the arena and back again purely by communication and working as a team.

After a dash of colour and a splash of suspense it is safe to say well done to Loko and Mandla, to all the MILK fans out there, you can rest easy, well at least for one more week.

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