March 17, 2014

Check out Today's Nominations

As the web of Big Brother Mzansi becomes more intricately spun, so do the Nominations.

Housemates are becoming more and more strategic with their choices; there were some clear favourites, some shockers and those who got out scot-free.

HoH Mzamo went in first to get things going. His choices were Lexi; because he finds her temperamental and difficult to live with. Also, he believes her to be a strong contender. His next choice was Sol; purely because he feels that he is the only one who is strong enough to go up against Lexi and get her out... If only he knew!

Iris went in next and, no surprises her first Nomination was Lexi...again. Iris clearly feels that they will never get over their differences, because she desperately wants her out the House.

Her next choice was Sol; also because she believes him to be the only one that could go up against Lexi and get her out.

Mandla broke the pattern by choosing to put up Thando due to the fact that he feels she does not want to be in the House anymore, especially after the occurrences at last week’s Friday Night Games. Next he chose to Nominate Iris; this was mainly because of how she treats Lexi but also because she has become very sure of herself lately and he feels he wants to be the guy that makes her squirm just a little.

Trust MK to stir things up a little and throw a spanner in the works by choosing Kat as his first Nomination. He cites his reason as the fact that she likes to cause trouble in the House and then sit back and watch it unfold.

Lexi was his second Nomination because she is always trying to exclude herself from everything as well as causing constant drama and tension.

The lady on everyone’s lips was next to go, scurrying down the stairs in nothing but an oversized sweater. She told Biggie that her first Nomination was Thando and her second was Kat. Both are obvious choices due to the recent and clear divide in the House.

'Miss Neutral' (Loko) stepped into the Diary Room next. But she also seems to want Lexi out, saying that she has shown her true colours over the last couple of days. Sol was her next choice. She also says it's because she believes he will be the only one strong enough to get Lexi out. That, and the fact that she finds him annoying.

Sol of the House went in and shook things up a bit by Nominating Poolie, he says he wants to see how he will fare without the support of his bestie, Jase. His next choice was more obvious; putting up his arch-nemesis Thando once again. Ah these two... never a dull moment!

Thando took it upon herself to Nominate the power couple themselves, 'Mandlexi', oh girl you are fierce.

Poolie chose to Nominate his fellow Capetonian Housemate, Lexi, and his 'girl’s best friend', Kat. This is his second time Nominating Kat which comes as quite a shock, but his reasons are because of how she played Jase. This guy is clearly not one to break the ’bro code’.

Here is a quick Nomination summary:

Mzamo : Lexi and Sol

Iris : Lexi and Sol

Mandla: Thando and Iris

Kat: Lexi and Sol

MK: Kat and Lexi

Lexi: Thando and Kat

Loko: Lexi and Sol

Sol: Poolie and Thando

Thando: Lexi and Mandla

Poolie: Lexi and Kat

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