March 30, 2014

Check out this Week's Highlights

This week has been full of ups, downs, twists and turns, we did bid farewell to Thando and Mzamo as well as getting a prime performance from Gino Brown and the queen of African House Mocchachino Ochi during the Live show last Sunday.
Beauty queen Kat received that amazing reward of going into the luxurious Suite 501 and Canadian Big Brother Housemate Emmett came in to the House to shake things up a bit.

Then the Nominations came in on Monday in addition to ploy by Emmett and Mandla to play Lexi.

Sol of the House won Immunity and joined Kat in Suite 501.
MK was on the receiving end of a lucky break from Big Brother that landed him in the finale joining Kat, Sol and Loko.

On Tuesday the Housemates go 100 percent in their Wager for Travel week and Loko got the shock of her life when Biggie implemented the Statue Task and brought in her best friend to try and tempt her.

On Wednesday there was a trip around the world with the cooking Task, Kat and Sol learnt to salsa and Loko and Lexi bond over some booze.
MK was once again left in tears on Thursday as Emmett made a dramatic exit from the Big Brother Mzansi House during a round of the Statue Task.

Sol of the House and Kat came back into the House after the advantage of being able to watch the Housemates on screen for the previous three days.

Friday was a scandalous day; Kat cemented her plan to come between Mandla and Lexi by moving into their ‘Master suite’ bedroom.

The Friday night games were nail biting as usual and saw Loko win HoH again and walk away with a cool R50,000 prize money.

Saturday was a bit awkward as Big Brother brought in Dr. Eve, the renowned sex therapist to talk to the Housemates and Lexi, never one to shy away from controversy could not seem to keep her mouth shut.

There was also some trouble in paradise for Mandla and Lexi who had a major fall out and then a major make-up session after the party on Saturday night.

Kitty Kat and Iris also started to backstab Loko and spoke about how there is no longer ‘Lokairis”.

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