March 31, 2014

Can Sol and Kat become a couple?

Biggie's housemates will be spending the next several days as their last in the Big Brother House, unbeknownst to them of course. We don't know about you, but that is the biggest of Biggie's Secrets yet to be revealed.

Big Brother has surprised both us and the Housemates with everything from Chambermates to Statue Tasks, from celeb guests to international guests, but nothing beats the surprise that will hit the remaining six Housemates this Sunday!

It's even-stevens on the gender count this week. Three lovely ladies are up against three handsome lads as they battle it out for Votes from Mzansi. Come hell or high water, Lungile will be announcing the winner of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets this Sunday, as Voted for by you.

After such a thrilling Live Eviction Show last night, the loss suffered by Mandlexi and Poloko still lingers in the House this morning. However, we'd like to draw some attention to the not-so-likely pairs; Sol and Kat, and MK and Iris.

As we all know, Sol and Kat have been playing cat and mouse even before the final curtain was drawn on Jase a few Sundays ago. After spending almost a week in seclusion, Mzansi really got to see just what Sol and Kat were all about. 

Now that they are back in the House and with even less Housemates in their midst, will the two draw closer to each other or will they play an individual game?

On the other side, Iris and MK still continue skirt around the nature of their relationship. Mzansi can see that there is a connection, but at times it almost seems more platonic than anything. Iris is often heard referring to MK as her husband, or herself as his wife, but we can't really say it's a Bonny and Clyde kinda thing.

However, all's fair in love and war, and especially after Emmett's wise words last week, the Housemates are now more aware of the social game that is at play on Big Brother Mzansi.

Will Sol and Kat, and MK and Iris use this week to play an individual game, or will they bump the love up a notch, in the name of strategy, and take their place as Big Brother Mzansi's latest couples?

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