March 22, 2014

Can MK make a good man for Iris?

Right from that moment she saw him during their first chat over the WeChat screen when she was still in the Chamber, it was love at first sight and from that day, these two have had their hearts set on each other.

However Iris had to compete with Lola on who is MK's number one, Iris really did fiught for her place in MK's life.

And when Lola was evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi House, Mk was short of words as he even cried and during this hard time, Iris was there to care for him.

When last night’s Friday Night Games were finished, Iris and MK had a talk in which Iris asked MK whether he loves her or not?

But the only question is that will Mk make a good man for Iris?
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