March 27, 2014

Can Kat and Emmett push out?

Kat's long awaited date with the Canadian hottie finally came and saying she was flirting with Emmet would be an understatement.

Clad in her black sleeve-less mini dress and nude heeled pumps, the voluptuous vixen fled to the Party Room to meet her suitor.

Much to Kat's surprise, Emmett is a handshake kind of guy so the salutation was pretty ordinary. However, there were no surprises in their conversation, which was dominated by Lexi and Sol.

"Lexi is a girl with issues," Emmett told Kat who couldn't agree more. On Sol, Emmett minced no words in labeling him a loud mouth. "Sol just talks and talks and talks," he quipped.

Meanwhile, Kat kept nodding in agreement to everything the Canadian heartthrob said. She further detailed how much Sol didn't like Emmett for 'bossing them around' with housework. "You're really not his favourite person," Kat emphasised.

"I don't care, he's not as creative as he thinks he is - kinda like Lexi. If no one listens, he just talks louder and louder," Emmett said.

It wasn't long before Kat declared to Emmett that she really likes him. She also let him in on the fact that she had confided in Biggie about her wish to meet him.

Towards the end of the date, Kat asked Emmett to give her his Hockey jersey as a souvenir when he exits the House. However, the jersey has sentimental value and he politely refused, promising to leave her something though. "Everybody wants that jersey," he bragged.

It would seem as though Emmett enjoyed his date with Kat judging from his constant smile and that warm hug at the end. Even when he returned to the House, he didn't seem too interested in MK's chit chat.

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