March 13, 2014

Biggie's Zombies fail to scare the Housemates

While the Big Brother Mzansi housemates were relaxing in the lounge and having random conversations, Biggie said, "Housemates remain Statues".

This was time for the Statue Task. The Housemates knew the drill; When they heard the word ‘Statue’ they stopped immediately and froze in their positions until Biggie said the word ‘Release’.

So this is what happened, the lights went off and suddenly some scary music began to play.

Biggie's zombies entered the House and we should say, it was a very scary moment. Biggie's House was like a a horror movie and his zombies were just too daunting to look at.

Biggie had an agenda as usual, which was to see if the Housemates would survive a zombie apocalypse, of which they did. How surprising? We thought that the Housemates would be shivering and screaming out loud but they didn't.

They kept steady and calm while the zombies kept on doing what they are known for; we are talking about the frightening which got all of us (viewers)scared terrified.

Jase and Mzamo couldn't stop smiling. This was not that they were frightened, but it was because they were closer to bursting out in laughter. It was evident that the Statue Task was a funny one to them.

Apparently, the Task was a joke to all the Housemates except for Lexi and they said this right after it had ended. They felt that Biggie could have done better; Suggestions were that, if it took place during darkness or during the time when they were sleeping, they could have probably been scared.

Lexi missed it all as she had her eyes closed the entire time. That's what happens when one is a sleeping Statue.

What a scary one Biggie. Wow! At least your zombies never ate any brains. That would have been super scary.

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