March 19, 2014

Biggie wants Happy babies

Every baby, real or porcelain, deserves a feast, fanfare and only the best and a nursery was where it all began.
Where there were bambinos involved, Big Brother’s grandfatherly instincts just came pouring out. He engaged the new families in a lavish display of toys, shawls, prams and dummies.

With a new understanding of family planning and creating a home, the Housemates were to decorate a nursery from top to bottom with treats that would transform it into a safe haven for the babies. During all the decorating and DIY, however, the Housemates were to make sure that they, not for one blighted second, take their eyes off the children.

Biggie wants happy babies only. This meant no nappy rash woes, no hunger wails, no ‘dropped-on-their-heads’ syndrome, none of that. But Mzamo proclaimed not to have one maternal bone in his body.

Thando and Mzamo seemed to be facing a mildly catastrophic time in their new status as parents and guardians. While exhaustion is a symptom of early child-rearing, just why were these two passed out on the couch when they had received their offspring only minutes earlier? Child birth? Either way, Sol wasn’t buying any of their stories.

Mzamo was scorned for his lazy parenting while Mandla and Lexi were the picture of an affectionate and supportive family. Who would have thought?

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