March 09, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi this week

We said goodbye to Kgosi last Sunday and tonight we are once again going to say cheerio to another Housemate. How’s that for something to hark about?

There were plenty of memorable moments this week and it was a busy one indeed. We can instantly gladly say that it is about to end. Here is a selection of what happened.

This week was Dance Week and we saw our Housemates breaking it down with all the dance moves ranging from pantsula, hip-hop, kofifi and gumboots.

They gave their best performance but unfortunately someone was not impressed at all and it could only be none either than Biggie himself.

The Housemates lost their Wager again and guess who was responsible? Miss Loko herself, out of excitement ruined it all for the Housemates. 

We know Loko can dance but we can’t say the same with her ability to keep Secrets. She revealed her Secret Mission to Iris and Kat. That produced a big strike from Biggie.

There’s no disbelief that it was the rise and fall for Loko and she couldn’t escape from it at all. Good for her though that she has Poolie on her side for he understands her better.

Some days were better than others; there were those when Housemates felt irritable and frustrated and on other days, they were happy and thrilled. 

Additionally, we saw them going through stress and they all handled it all in different ways.

Talking about happy moments; MK for 1 was having a cheery noble week. He has been reigning as ladies’ man lately and he knows that for sure. 

His patience and caring attribute excelled all throughout the week. We guess that he has found his strong point and there is no sweat because Lola notices it all.

Jase has been trying hard to cope with a broken heart. We give him another A for staying calm and handling his emotions. 

He has been however keeping distant from Kat which is quiet something unusual. But we can’t blame him, clearly he is tired of sleeping with a broken heart.

 This certainly proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel for him. Keep on keeping on Jase!

The return of “Mandlexi” got people excited and talking on twitter. They have worked over their differences and have been closer than ever before.
Don’t we just love romantic relationships and imagine how life could be without them? The Big Brother Mzansi House is the hub of love and is speedily giving birth to too many Bonnie and Clyde’s. We could be hearing wedding bells soon enough and maybe after this Season of Big Brother Mzansi.

Did we talk about the backstabbing and sabotage happening in the House? This is just a deal breaker! Biggie did it again ad unleashed all the hidden Secrets unknown to the Housemates. This sparked tension and worst of all grudges. It was not long until someone exploded.

Last night, Lexi's birthday party was the bomb! (literally speaking). What started off as an innocent celebration ended up in massive chaos, all thanks to Thando and Lola. Another cat fight came to rise and the timing was just too perfect.

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