March 10, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi: Live Show round up

To begin with, if at all you missed last night's Live Show you have some explaining to do, but we’d much rather catch you up on all the action without any waste of time. 

The darling dame from Pietermaritzburg Lola left us as she became the third Housemate to face the Eviction gallows last night. Sad story but true nonetheless.

The show was jam packed with the charming Lungstar steering the ship. That kind of electric energy came much needed following a week steeped almost completely in the doldrums.

One man act on steroids Cassper Nyovest set the stage alight with his debut hit ‘Gusheshe’ and his most recent and poppular ‘Doc Shebeleza’. The crowd couldn’t get enough of his moves, his swagger and his long braided ponytail.

Back in the House nerves bubbled under as the nominated foresome Kat, Thando, Jase and Lola tried to mask the imminent fear of Eviction with all that grooming and dressing up. Lip sticks puckered or not the moment we had all been waiting for was just minutes away.

Sol could be seen perched next to Kat’s bunker ogling at the gorgeous girl as she refined what her mama gave her. So enthralled, he must have complemented her five times too many. How could Kat not feel safe with his attention on her, but alas she was in fact, not safe.

When she learned that Sol chose loyalty over their fling by saving Mandla nervousness shot across her face. But it was like she knew that her fans had saved when she squeaked a comment about not leaving by a far cry.

It was to be Lola’s last night, last fight and last bite at the million bucks but the girls had her wits about her, she knew after all that at the end of the day it was a game and a game of numbers at that. 

As Lungstar flashed her back to her time in the House she welled up and left us with a fitting memory of her. We will remember her for her sensitivity and salt.

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