March 16, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi hustles this week

Beauty queen Lola did bid farewell to the game Big Brother Mzansi game last Sunday, not only did she leave the House but she left two of her closest people, one is her bestie, Thando and the other being her lover boy, MK.

Talking of MK the ’ ladies man’, he had Thando and Iris kissing his feet… figuratively. As you can imagine, after Lola’s departure, the girls have leapt at the opportunity to get closer to the gentleman, the voice of reason in the House, the man who wept tears when Lola left.

Mzamo and Thando joined forces to make sure that they bring down sexy Lexi who they feel is a master manipulator and should be ousted from the game, all this as Lexi was warming upto the House.
This week there was also a booze driven fight between Mandla and Jase in a moment that almost turned into fisty cuffs; all over a couple of missing bottles of hooch. Are the Housemates in this for the money or the booze?

This week was also the week things started heating up for Poolie and Loko, nothing concrete to say there is a waft of coupledom blossoming here but the stolen glances, kisses and cuddles suggest there may be more than chemistry.

Kat, with her film star looks and her feminine touch has had the boys all lathered up but doesn’t claim allegiance to any of them, ‘Switzerland’ is how Kat rolls. 

In one of her Diary Sessions, she confessed to Biggie that she was done with babe in the woods, Jase but a few after she confessed to having feelings for him after she found out that Sol, the third wheel in her love triangle had not saved Mandla when he was HoH. Resultantly, she began withdrawing from Sol, treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen, girl.

There was light at the end of the Wager tunnel when Housemates (finally) won 100 percent when they presented their busts of Biggie, an interpretative sculpting exercise of what they thought he looked like.

HoH Mzamo struck it lucky for the fourth time by winning HoH again on Friday. This means that he gets a pamper session every Saturday while he is king of the castle.

By the time this guy leaves the House, he’ll look as if he’s been in a health spa for two months. However a word of advice Mzamo, a diplomatic HoH would not alienate one of the pack, ease up on Lexi, please?

Mandla and Loko escaped the chopping board by winning the Immunity Challenge. This was Loko’s first Immunity win, well done, late bloomer.

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